About Us

NanoTech is the leader in nano-based rust converter technology in Canada.
NanoTech’s product transforms rust safely, efficiently, and easily to a protecting coating barrier.

Who We Are

NanoTech Innovation is a Vancouver-based technology company which combines expertise in material science and nanotechnology with rich experience in product innovation and operations to manufacture a line of novel plant-based products that are applied directly on rusted structures, equipment and pipes, with no or minimal surface preparation, to convert the existing rust into a primer and a protective layer that prevents future corrosion. 

At NanoTech, we are driven by the belief that there is a superior approach to deal with corrosion. Instead of replacing corroded equipment or utilizing hazardous/cumbersome procedures for rust removal, we have discovered an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and reliable method to transform the problem itself into a solution. Our ultimate goal is to create a cleaner and safer world for future generations by offering innovative nanotechnology-based solutions for corrosion treatment.

Our Journey

Our journey began in 2019 when our team came up with a groundbreaking idea to combine the plant extractions and latest advancements in nanoscience to drive reactions that can be helpful in real life. This concept laid the foundation for NanoTech Innovation Inc., which was officially registered in British Columbia in February 2021.

NanoTech was founded by a group of highly educated and experienced individuals who possess a deep understanding of academic research, professional expertise, and a passion for innovation in the field of rust converter coatings and surface modification. With this exceptional combination of knowledge and drive, we embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way corrosion is addressed, offering sustainable solutions that deliver superior results. Since our inception, we have been committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of corrosion treatment. Through continuous research and development, we strive to introduce innovative products that not only surpass industry standards but also uphold our values of environmental responsibility and safety.

Our Vision

Leveraging our unique knowledge and experience in nanotechnology, we make a positive impact on industrial markets and environment to make the world cleaner and safer place for future generations by providing green nanotechnology-based solutions for corrosion treatment

Our Mission

We leverage our passion, innovation and excellence to design and manufacture most advanced, accessible and green corrosion treatment products which benefit both people and environment

Core Values

Integrity, Passion, Respect, Excellence, Innovation and Sustainability

Our Product

NanoTech's proprietary coating formulation, derived from sustainable resources, can penetrate deep into the rusty surfaces, and converts the existing rust to a primer and a protective coating barrier that prevents future corrosion. NanoTech’s product is non-toxic, eco-friendly, economical and easy to use. Unlike the available products in the market which require surface pre-treatment (such as sand blasting, wire brushing and/or acid washing) to make a fine surface with low roughness suitable for coating, NanoTech's product requires no or minimal surface pre-preparation. NanoTech’s rust converter which relies on nano-sized particles removes several steps in the rust treatment process. This is an important factor in many places where treatment time is short, and the rusty areas are in difficult-to-access locations.


What our clients say about us

“I enjoyed this product because it was very easy to use and I felt more at ease using it knowing that it’s non- toxic, and it smelled pretty good. It was also quite interesting to see the instant reaction that would take place and the little time it took for it to dry. Lastly, I was very satisfied with its quality considering how strongly the rust converter stuck to the surface of the vents.”

Painter on site
UBC maintenance project

“The Nanotech product is a cheaper alternative solutions for the protection of facility metal and equipment. It has potential application scenarios for pressure piping, tank walls and vessel shell/heads. With minor preparation requirements (in lieu of sandblasting or acid washes), the product is recommended for future rust removal treatments. Its added corrosion resistance and non toxic nature further act as further reasoning to consider the use of the product.”

Asset Integrity Manager
Large Oil & Gas Company


Ahmad Sohangar, Ph.D.


Ehsan Espid, Ph.D., P.Eng.


Bernie LeSage, MBA


Saeid Hosseini


Mohammad Yousefi

Project MAnager

Michele Wallcraft


Fraser Pogue


Gabe Kalmar


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