• Metal roofs
• Metal facades, balconies, railings, canopies
• Structural components such as steel beams, columns
• HVAC systems such as ductwork, vent convers
• Piping and plumbing, rain spouts, and plumbing fixtures

Civic Infrastructure

• Bridges, steel beams and supports
• Railings of public spaces, such as parks or walkways
• Municipal metal structures such as lampposts, traffic signal poles, and park benches

Oil & Gas

• Pipelines, pipeline fixtures and in-line components such as flanges, valves, brackets, connectors, fasteners, handles, nuts, bolts, valves, etc.
• Storage tanks
• Refineries and processing facilities
• Various types of equipment, such as pumps, and compressors


• Outdoor furniture like patio sets or garden benches, etc.
• Automotive parts such as car frames or undercarriages


• Metal electric poles
• Penstocks and miscellaneous dam gates and gate housings
• Buried parts and structures
• Utility protection equipment such as enclosures, installation accessories


• Metal surfaces on boats and ships, including hulls, decks, and rails
• Marine infrastructure like docks, piers, and buoys


• Rusted surfaces of mining machinery, vehicles, or equipment
• Mining platforms, rails, or conveyors

Pulp and Paper

• Rusted surfaces of pulp and paper factory machinery, vehicles, or equipment

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Effective against all types of CUI. Third-party lab tests validate our product's performance.

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